Jewish Prayerbook
As Superhero Graphic Novel

By Howard Salmon & Rabbi Benjamin Sharff,
with grammar checking by two Israelis,
and three Jewish Educators

144 big glossy pages!

front cover of the Comic Book Siddur

Paperbound (printed on glossy coated stock)
Full color cover, Black and White interior
144 pgs
8 1/2" x 11"
ISBN 9780615206394

"As an education director, I feel extremely excited and pleased when I see a teacher come check out my set of the Comic Book Siddur for their classroom. I know that students who are using the Comic Book Siddur are engaged and interested in learning prayers"

Lori Riegel
Tucson, AZ



* Arizona Jewish Post
* Jewish Press Review (New York)
* Jewish Herald Voice (Houston, Texas)
* The Reporter Group (NY, CT, & PA)
* Kansas City Jewish Chronicle

Jewish comic book superheroes davening
The Comic Book Siddur: It's a functional prayerbook and graphic novel rolled into one. The Shabbat morning service re-imagined as a superhero quest story. Contains all the prayers (for a Reform Service) in easy-to-read 24 point Hebrew font. Snappy "comic speak" english translations (in word balloons) spoken by a minyan of muscular super heroes as they fight their way to the bima to do an aliya. Educational, informative, and action-packed!

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Author and Artist, Howard Salmon
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Comic Book Siddur

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The Jewish Siddur naturally lends itself to a being a superhero narrative.

The story starts out with us waking up to a new day, making our way to Temple, getting closer to God, and honoring God, our ancestors, and the torah. These are examples of quest stories embedded in the Jewish prayerbook. This is great stuff! So why not envision our prayerbook as a superhero story, so that you will better learn and understand it? That is what the Comic Book Siddur is all about: reinvigorating the experience of prayer, and our enjoyment of it, with the thrilling storytelling techniques of comic books.